Swivelwheel ECO


Swivelwheel-ECO Hitch Bar

Swivelwheel Economical System Hitch Bar
Single Wheel Trailer Hitch Bar
Transportation system for Passenger cars

[Aftermarket Roof Carrier Mounted to Frame of ECO]

Starting at $995.00

The Swivelwheel ECO is our answer to the need for Extra storage for any car that has a class III receiver or more. With a Weight capacity of 500Lbs it is perfect for those camping supplies, generators, small scooters or bikes, etc.

Swivelwheel ECO Specs

All Swivelwheel Models have breaklights Pre-Wired.
Deck Dimensions = 48"W x 57.5" L
Deck Perimeter Style = Rectangular
Decking Material = 1/2" Painted / Treated Plywood with steel frame
Frame Materials = Welded Rectangular Steel
Tie-Down Locations = 8 tie down points
Suspension = Single Torsion Suspension
Wheel & Tire = Standard 4-80 x 8", C- Rated, 4 Ply Hwy Speed Trailer Tire. Tow Vehicle Mounting = Single Receiver Hitch Assembly for Class III Receivers
Tow Vehicle Compatibility = Any standard Vehicle with a class III receiver hitch or higher
Weight Limit = 500 pounds
Deck Height = Level at 23"
Frame Finish = Black Semi-Gloss Powder Coat
Cerfification =1.)Includes Manufacturers Certificate of Origin.
2) Includes SAE VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Sticker
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