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Will The Cruiserlift Work on My Class A- Gas Coach? Click here!

Swivelwheel System Compatibility for "Fifth Wheel Trailers" : The Fifth Wheel Must Be 30+Ft in Length And have a minimum "Dry" or "Empty" Weight of 10,000lbs. Swivelwheel Systems are not currently compatible with "Tag behind Travel  Trailers" Or any Trailer that sits on a "Ball and Hitch" 

Transportation / Towing Simplified No more Fishtailing or Jackknifing . No more leaving behind YOUR favorite toy on the upcoming trip. Premier Transportation Systems for Motorcycles, ATVS, Golf Carts, Generators, Camping Supplies
AVAILABLE PRODUCTS AND SYSTEM MODELS (Click on Pictures to view each page)

Cruiser Lift with Denny Hamlin (2006 Nascar Rookie of the year)

Cruiserlift RV Motorcycle Lift With Denny Hamlin
Single Wheel Swivelwheel Platform
Swivelwheel 58 Single Wheel Model 
[5' Long x 8' Wide] (1000 lb Load Capacity)
SwivelWheel Dual Wheel 58 Fifth wheel
Swivelwheel 58 Dual Wheel Model 
[5' Long x 8' Wide] (1200 lb load capacity)
[1200lb capacity] 
(Can Flat Tow up to 6000Lbs off the back) 
{5' Long x 8' Wide] 
Single Wheel Swivelwheel on Bounder Coach
Swivelwheel 46 Model 
[6' Wide x 4' Long] 
(600 lb Load Capacity)
Welcome to Fast Master Products Inc!
  Fast Master Products Inc. manufactures innovative transportation solutions for motorcycles, ATV's golf carts, etc. We started with the Cruiserlift RV motorcycle  lift and RV motorcycle carrier system , which has become the premier RV motorcycle lift system on the market.
  Fast Master Products, Inc. may not have developed the "Original" RV motorcycle lift on the market., but being first does not always mean you are the best. Technology and Designs are constantly changing, and you must keep up with the industry changes in order to be competitive in any industry. At Fast Master Products, Inc, we did our homework. We listened to you at the RV shows, RV rallies, and motorcycle rallies, as well as at the RV parks and resorts. You informed us of  the features that you liked as well as the things that you did not like about the other motorcycle lifting systems on the market, and we listened. The Cruiserlift RV Motorcycle Lift is the results of your feedback.
    We know that you have a choice in RV motorcycle lifts, and we thank our great customers for their business. We invite all potential customers to shop the industry, ask the questions and make an informed decision.

    We are committed to providing the best possible product at a reasonable price. To back up our commitment to quality and product durability, all Fast Master Products include Product Liability Insurance. The integrity of the system is backed up by our commitment and willingness to provide Product Liability Insurance. When you look at the costs involved in doing business as a manufacturer these days, liability insurance is not a cheap addition to the overall cost of doing business. Insurance rates seem to climb every year. If you are going to make a claim as to the quality, durability, and workmanship of a product, then that claim needs to be backed up with responsibility and accountability. If a competitive product does not have Product Liability Insurance...RUN!

    Fast Master Products, Inc. also manufacturers the Swivelwheel-58, Swivelwheel-58DW, Swivelwheel-46,Swivelwheel-58DW Tandem Tow and the Swivelwheel-ECO Single Wheel & Dual Wheel Transport Systems, as well as the Cruiser Ramp Pickup Loader.

    The SwivelWheel Single Wheel and Dual Wheel systems were designed with the fifth wheel traveler in mind. Since its introduction, the product has grown in usage from being towed by Prevost buses to pickups and SUV's. Transportation solutions include, but are not limited to, motorcycles, ATV's, golf carts, lumber, dirt, Can-AM, etc, etc, etc. For more information, please visit the Swivelwheel page.

       The Cruiser Ramp Pickup Loader was designed for loading full size motorcycles into the bed of a pickup without having to ride up a 2" x 12" plank, or back the pick-up into a ditch to load the bike. The pickup motorcycle  loader system will install into any full size 5'-6", 6'-6", or 8' pickup bed, and will pull the motorcycle into the bed with the activation of a remote switch. For more information, please visit the Cruiser Ramp Page.

    When calling Fast Master Products, Inc. you will speak with an individual who can answer your questions and help you determine what product will best meet your transportation needs.

    If you have questions in regards to any Fast Master Products, please call, or fax  us through the numbers listed at the bottom of this page. You may also contact us via email.
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Single Wheel Models have the capability of being flipped up for STORAGE or small Campground spaces. (Not meant for travel in this position)

Electric Motorcycle Pickup Loader
[Loads up to 1000lb Bikes] 
(Requires 32 inches between Wheelbase) 
[Works with Most Full Size Pickups]
Swivelwheel Eco model on Lincoln Truck
Swivelwheel ECO [Economy Transport System] (500 lb Load Capacity)
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