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Electric Motorcycle Pickup Loader
Motorcycle pickup loader
The Cruiser Ramp sells for $2395.00 complete.
The Cruiser Ramp PickUp Loader was designed to be a cost effective way to load and transport a full size motorcycle in the bed of a pickup truck. The Cruiser Ramp system will accommodate all full size pickups, including the Toyota Tundra 6'-6" bed. The pickup loader eliminates the use of boards, and backing the vehicle into a ditch to load the motorcycle. Simply drive the motorcycles front wheel into the locking wheel chock on the system platform assembly, tie the front wheel down at the axle position using the supplied ratchet tie-down straps, activate the hand held remote switch and the motorcycle is pulled into the pickup bed. The motorcycle pickup loader is powered by a Terra 25, electric winch with a 2500 pound capacity. Winch comes complete with remote activation switch with a 9-10 foot cable.
    The Cruiser Ramp system will accommodate the standard 5'-6", 6'-6", and 8' bed lengths with 42" clearance between the wheel wells which includes step side model pickups as well as the Chevrolet Avalanche and like vehicles. The pickup loader allows for the tailgate of the pickup to be closed with the motorcycle removed on the 5'-6" and 6'-6" models. The tailgate may also be closed with the 8' bed model with the motorcycle loaded or removed from the bed.
    The motorcycle may be loaded into a 8' bed with or without the tailgate attached. The motorcycle pickup loader is easy to install and dismantle. The The Cruiser Ramp mechanism removes the motorcycle from the bed without having to pull the motorcycle out by hand. This is done without using multiple winches and complicated electronic switching.    
    The loading ramps store within their own holders along the side of the pickup bed. The holders just drop into the stake bed holes within the pickup bed rail. They may be trimmed in order to lower the ramps as far as possible within the bed.
If you own a 2008 Ford pickup with the new tailgate design with step and flip up stabilizing handle, please call Fastmaster Products to determine if our CruiserRamp System can be used with that year model vehicle.
We are always looking for install photos from customers. If you would like your photo included, please send some digital photos to us and we will add them to our list.
Overall Width for long or short bed trucks is 42 inches.

Overall In-bed Frame Length
5’-6” Long Bed = 65”
6’-6” Long bed = 73.75” 
8’ Long Bed = 95.5”

The Systems Weighs 335Lbs.

 Electric Winch Operated: [Superwinch Terra 2500Lb Capacity With 3/16” Heavy Duty Wire Rope Cable.]

Platform Caster Wheels: 6”x2” Black Rubber wheels with Wheel Grabbers.

Motorcycle Locking Wheel Chock included (Ride on-Get off-Walk away) 

Outside Ramps: Made of Aluminum, Length = 95.25” | 

Rear Tire Ramp: Made of Aluminum, Length 94” , Capacity of 1500LBS. 

Front Axle Tie-Down Straps: Ratchet Tie-Downs

Activation Switch: Handheld remote activation switch w/ 15 ft cable. Allows you to be 
back with, and watch the motorcycle unloading. 

Safety Chains on Right and Left Front. 

Frame Finish: Black Powder Coat Finish

Motorcycle Weight Capacity : 1000lbs

Shipped Via Truck: (Shipped fully assembled and ready to install on a 4’x9’ Pallet requires a fork lift with long forks to unload.) 

Product Liability Insurance: For the Life of the System [Note: Not transferrable between owners] 

Patented : YES 

Shipping : Within 24-48 Hours with exception of our busy season. 
[Call For Current Lead Times 281-391-6750]

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