Swivelwheel 58 Dual Wheel

 Swivelwheel-58 Dual Wheel

The Swivelwheel 58DW Starts at($2950.00) It comes standard with our Rotational Hitch Bar
 Additional Options Include:
1.) Spare Tire and Wheel
2.) Locking Motorcycle Wheel Chock ($189.00)

3.) Power Ramp Loader ($795.00)
4.) 3-Piece Loading Ramps ($395.00)
5.) 6-Inch Platform Extension ($280.00)
6.) Swivelwheel System Cover ($1095.00)

The Rotational Hitch Bar is only compatible with the Dual Wheel Model and the Tandem Tow.
It Utilizes two, 2 inch receivers and requires atleast a class-III receiver package. 

Swivelwheel 58DW Specs

Deck Dimensions:Width = 8' / Length = 5'
Deck Perimeter Style = Rectangular
Decking Material = 3/4" Treated/Painted Plywood
Frame Materials = Welded Tubular Steel
Tie Down Locations = 2" x 2" Stake Receivers ( 3 on Front & 3 On Rear)
Suspension = Two Torsion Suspensions w/ Friction Plate & Pad
Wheel & Tire = Two 5.70x8 / C / 6Ply / 910 Lbs / 75 PSI
Loading Ramp Option = 3 Piece Ramp System / 2 Outside ramps = 12" Wide x7'5" Long w/ 750 Pound Load Rating, Center Ramp = 15" wide x7-5" Long w/ 1500 Pound Load Rating
DOT Lighting = All Swivelwheel Products meet DOT Lighting Regulations)
Tow Vehicle Mounting = Dual Point Hook-Up with Dual receiver insert. Two additional receivers are shipped with the unit to be installed onto the tow vehicle, This provides for ground while making turns with the tow vehicle.
Tow Vehicle Compatibility = All Full Size Pick-Ups and SUV's, Class-A and Class-C Motor coaches, Fifth Wheel Trailers
Motorcycle Wheel Chock = Compatible
Weight Limit 1200 Lbs
Deck Height = Level at 25 3/4"
Loading Direction = Loads from the street or curb side or from the rear.
Flip up deck feature = Yes may be flipped up for storage while parked in short Rv Space. Not to be used in this position while driving (Single wheel models only)
Frame Finish = Black Semi-Gloss Powder  Coat
Jackstand legs with wheels  = Yes
Certification = 1.) Includes Manufacturers Certificate of Origin
2.) Includes SAE VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number) Sticker

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